De Kunst van het Leven

Promo: Het Leven Doorzien.
Introductie van de Kunst van het Leven via 3 quotes die belangrijk zijn in het hele doorzien van de Illusie.

Does the World Exist Independently of Our Perception ? – Rupert Spira – (About infinite consciousness and the infinite mind / Reality.
The finite mind is localisation or contraction of Consciousness)

Dr. Joe Dispenza… A Roadmap to The Realms Beyond Physical Senses

Fall of Consciousness by Jim Self – What is our reality, our 3D!

Jim Self

What is a Lightbody by Jim Self – New Energy body!

Jim Self

Leonard Susskind on the World as Hologram ~ Black Holes

Leonard Susskind

Convergence – A historic message for Shaumbra

Crimson Circle – Adamus –

Bashar on Reality at 1:15 and 2:13