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De Kunst van het Leven

Promo: Het Leven Doorzien.

Introductie van de Kunst van het Leven via drie quotes die belangrijk zijn in het hele doorzien van de Illusie.

De Kunst van het Leven

De Illusie van Time & Space ~
Measurement Systems

Any measurement system is nothing more than a belief system held in place by mass consciousness. Time and space as we know them do not exist beyond the electromagnetic dynamics of Earth, and the implications of this are profound. Not only is outer space much different than we perceive, but our past is changeable, and our future potentials can be unlimited. When one gets off the linear track of time, initially created in Atlantis, everything begins to change. No longer bound to past lives through trauma, we can bless every experience with compassion, release the role of victim, and allow the integration of aspects, thereby experiencing true freedom.

De Kunst van het Leven

You Can Never Experience Time or Space

You can never experience time or space since they simply do not exist. Rupert explains that in order to experience time, you would have to be able to step out of the now and visit the past or the future. We can think about the past as it appears in thought, however you cannot step out of the now without thinking about it.
There is no time present in which the now can be defined, and that ‘now’ is awareness. However, time is a valid concept that we all use for practical purposes, but it should not be a belief that it is the nature of reality, since in reality there is no time.
Rupert tells the questioner to be a scientist without preconceived ideas of time and try to experience time without thought. It simply cannot be done.
This clip was taken from one of Rupert’s In-Person Retreats in March, 2020.

De Kunst van het Leven

New Energy Synchrotize – Beyond Hypnosis

As a creator, changing your reality is easy and natural. But due to the hypnosis of mass consciousness and beliefs of many lifetimes, this creator ability was buried and forgotten. Adamus directly challenges the lies you have told yourself, your unconscious beliefs, and the limitations you have chosen by not choosing. He explains how to go beyond, then it’s up to you be honest, release, choose, and recreate your own reality landscape however you desire. When you do, anything becomes possible

Does the World Exist Independently of Our Perception ?

Rupert Spira – (About infinite consciousness and the infinite mind / Reality.

Cause and effect is a model that does not accurately reflect reality.

Rupert Spira – (About infinite consciousness and the infinite mind / Reality.)
Understand with your Mind and Feel with your Heart

Fall of Consciousness by Jim Self ~
What is our reality, our 3D!

Creator wanted to know itself in its fullness. It created creator-beings who went out to create. Soon they began to create with their light instead of the Light of Creator. Wobbles and distortions occurred.
Then what? What is your role in this incredible event?

What is a Lightbody by Jim Self – New Energy body!

What is the Lightbody? Is there a way to build one? Yes – Listen to the pathway to building the Living Lightbody.

Convergence – A historic message for Shaumbra

We are in the midst of one of the most unusual circumstances humanity has ever experienced, the most obvious of which is the coronavirus pandemic. But it is only one part of bigger changes that are taking place right now throughout the cosmos, going all the way to our spiritual families. The consciousness of Earth is changing, the Order of the Arc is closing, aliens and other interferers are being called to come home, and even humans are at home in unprecedented numbers. A quantum leap is underway for all beings.
What’s happening on the planet is epic, but what’s happening in All of Creation is unprecedented. It’s the convergence of everything since the formation of the Order of the Arc until now. The coronavirus pandemic is just the tip of the iceberg, and just a catalyst for something far, far bigger that is affecting all of the angelic families.
This message is for Shaumbra. Others may read it and be touched by it, but it is THE message for Shaumbra like no other. It’s the time of cosmic convergence, and the time for our Realization.

Bashar: Simultaneity of Existence & Connecting to the Oversoul – Highlights

Bashar on Reality at 1:15 and 2:13