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De Kunst van het Leven

Promo: Het Leven Doorzien.
Introductie van de Kunst van het Leven via 3 quotes die belangrijk zijn in het hele doorzien van de Illusie.

Does the World Exist Independently of Our Perception ? – Rupert Spira – (About infinite consciousness and the infinite mind / Reality.
The finite mind is localisation or contraction of Consciousness)

Time Space Measurement Systems
Any measurement system is nothing more than a belief system held in place by mass consciousness. Time and space as we know them do not exist beyond the electromagnetic dynamics of Earth, and the implications of this are profound. Not only is outer space much different than we perceive, but our past is changeable, and our future potentials can be unlimited. When one gets off the linear track of time, initially created in Atlantis, everything begins to change. No longer bound to past lives through trauma, we can bless every experience with compassion, release the role of victim, and allow the integration of aspects, thereby experiencing true freedom.

Dr. Joe Dispenza… A Roadmap to The Realms Beyond Physical Senses

Fall of Consciousness by Jim Self – What is our reality, our 3D!

Jim Self

What is a Lightbody by Jim Self – New Energy body!

Jim Self

Leonard Susskind on the World as Hologram ~ Black Holes

Leonard Susskind

Convergence – A historic message for Shaumbra

Crimson Circle – Adamus –

Bashar on Reality at 1:15 and 2:13