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Life By Design 
~ Consciously Creating your own Realitiy ~ 

De website Life By Design heb ik jarenlang gebruikt en gaf de ontwikkeling weer van mijn eigen pad, vanaf mijn ontwaking in 2005 en vanaf 2012 een New Me en is nu onderdeel geworden van deze website.


A Life by Design is created… 

A Life by Design is created by Geert Vousten to share available information and knowledge as wisdom, from the mystical as well as from the science viewpoint, to inspire and support others to live their lives on their own path in their own way, to find their own truth and their sovereignty by choosing true freedom.

To live and to experience a joyful, blissful life.
Time to Live is NOW! BLove! #blove

When done for myself, that then creates this new dimension in mass-consciousness that has the potential for people who are willing to change their life, one person at a time. It has the potential to change the planet.

The Potentials as possibilities are infinite as we all start consciously creating beyond the mind.
Living in the Present moment and experiencing happiness as a starting point and not striving it as a goal.

why I AM here

~ That’s why I AM here ~

To envision for myself this New reality, and then to share it with everyone else.
That’s what change this planet!
To Be in Vision!!

Take a look at My Journey, describing my life, as what I AM living in the Now.

Life by Design offers several documents (for free) which could act as a starting point and are very applicable and very supportive for those who are consciously walking the path of their human evolution with regard to consciousness, finding their own truth and to be(come) who You really are.
(free downloads)

~ The I Am that I Am! ~
This will be the basis for you to start with
Consciously Creating your Own Reality!
Becoming a Standard.

~ The world needs Standards more than anything else now ~


About Me
New me

After quitting fighting mass-consciousness (alternative media, awareness-building news and politics with SOPN) and finishing, for now my last and latest workshop – Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (level3) from Dr. Joe Dispenza,
I became a New Me in December 2012.

Experiencing almost totally true freedom, I started again with “Changing from the inside out“, stepping out of duality (living in the Now, there are only just experiences, there is no good or bad, unless you believe in it).

First by finishing a document ‘New Energy, New Consciousness’, a summary as my reflection and therefore my essence and my truth of the gatherings, presented by the Crimson Circle featuring Adamus St. Germain.
I use it as the basis in my study and in my process, my own human evolution with regard to consciousness (which, in my opinion, is the essence of life, next to joy on a basis of freedom of course.)
These first 2 documents ‘New Energy, New Consciousness’, ‘Freedom with ‘New Energy & New Consciousness’ were a starting point for this website, eventually future presentations, reflections and workshops.
July 2014, I finished my third document: ‘Experiencing Enlightenment’ which also reflected (in) my life, my journey.
Followed in 2015 by my fourth document ‘Love & Passion’, this summary is really about SelfLove, Kharisma (giving Grace), Gratitude and the Kaikho (Passion as deep inner truth) for Embodied Consciousness by ‘losing’ your body, your mind and going beyond your personality… Realization
All applicable and supportive for everyone who is interested in consciously creating and following the path of natural (embodied) enlightenment, embodied consciousness or Realization and stepping into phase 2 of The Human Game. I want to support and teach by Shining Awareness (by example/Standard), by ‘walking the talk’, proclaiming the essence of life is Joy on a basis of Freedom. (free downloads)

Also studying aspects from Quantum Physics, The Holographic Universe, Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics, bringing the science and mystical together, and trying to make it all ‘clear’ to me regarding the underlaying ‘theory’/science (for as far as we know yet). Together with my own truth, insights, my wisdom and knowingness and several tools from others, starting ‘walking the talk’ and bring it into practice for myself as embodied consciousness.

I AM already experiencing so much joy and live a blissful life by living in the NOW-moment, navigating on the core-frequency of who I really am and still expanding consciousness. Consciously creating reality by letting in and letting go of aspects and old beliefs and by staying excited and have no expectations (no details, no agenda). Just Live.

Acting in consciousness and then it’s there. Energy is all yours and letting Energy serve me. My choice for Embodied Consciousness or Realization in this lifetime without power and programs, by allowing, trusting and letting consciousness be the guiding force in my life (full surrender).
Experiencing the Master in myself and acting as a Consciousness Pioneer.
(Life is an Act of Consciousness). ⚜️

I feel the urge (as I always felt) to share all of this with others who are willing to change their life too and to support, to guide and to ‘teach’ them.
By being a Standard, to be in vision.
And this has the potential to change this planet.
As a true Consciousness Pioneer.

Conscious Choices to a ConsciousCreation™ (Believing is Seeing). It’s time for Realization. To ‘Be the Change’, you Believe2C in the World.
Because now I finally know what I want. “My passion is to shine awareness as ‘teaching by example’ on this planet, to ‘teach’ how one finds their sovereignty by choosing freedom and their path to natural (embodied) enlightenment or how to just live an easier life”.
And because it’s my passion, then this will work.
Experiencing and integrating my aspects in life by all-embracing compassion from my heart.
Gratitude is the key for manifesting all I want… because it opens my Heart…” 
~ As True Happiness is (just) an Inner Feeling! ~

Discovering and Allowing the Enlightenment and Trusting. It’s Mastery or nothing! Letting that passion out, letting it come forth.
Realization, Embodied consciousness as a New Energy Master, just passing through. Getting out of the Mind into true knowingness, into the essence.
The Master discovers that it’s all about just allowing! It’s simply to live.

To live… Live! ⚜️
When you live you become a Standard for others.
When you live, you have vitality and health and abundance.
When you live, you inspire others.
And Live your life for the pure joy and the experience instead of to get anywhere!
All is Well (in all of Creations)!
Mastering the Art of Existence
Living is my Job and my Art. Free to be Me.


About Me
Old Me

(2005 – 2012) – My awakening
My name is Geert Vousten and I’m living in Amersfoort, a town near Amsterdam. I live my life aware in purity and in transparency (‘to be’). There were some big changes in my life, so again I focussed first on heal yourself, as I understood that it is all about my own awareness, consciousness.

In 2005 I started my spiritual quest, learning to effectively hone my intuition based on my premonitions… Google-ing ‘effective’ and ‘intuition’, I found a book called “Een nieuwe werkelijkheid” (A New Reality) from Carolina Bont and finally it became mine also. My new reality!

I proceeded to read several books about ‘wonderland’. As ‘a layman’ I was astonished and surprised and did not always know what was happening to me in this world of consciousness-raising, spirituality and alternative health etc..!!
All the while I was conscious that something would cross my path, something new, something different and something real…Something that I would recognize instantly..This is it!

My dear sister, sensing that the time was right, gave me a Reiki initiation, following which I completed a 2 year course of Intuitive Development and Healing at Mens & Intuïtie in Amersfoort. In that final year 2007 I discovered The Reconnection, started to get Reconnected and attended the Reconnection seminars (level I,II and III) in Antwerp. There my search ended…
So now the moment is here, I want to follow this new path – of this I have no doubt.

After my (personal) Reconnection (2008), I became more peaceful and more conscious about most things and I knew this is it – The Reconnection!
Having a full-time (40+ hours) job I found there wasn’t sufficient time to establish a healing practice. My focus was on activities like spreading the word of The Reconnection. I did some Distance Reconnective healings through Healing International and I founded Healing Nederland, a Dutch equivalent social network for like-minded people, to reach as many ‘healers’ as possible. The aim was to introduce them to The Reconnection, using the explanations and links to their website and also to give the associate Dutch Reconnection practitioners a platform to exchange experiences.

On 12th November 2008 I escorted Eric Pearl to a book-signing and presentation here in the Netherlands… With no real indications, I was already aware that this opportunity would arise after completing the Reconnective Healing seminars in Belgium (Antwerp) May 2008. I followed this up by working as a volunteer at the Reconnection seminars and at the EU Mastery Conference 2009 in Amsterdam. Now the time was right to build my own Reconnection practice and to help the Reconnection family when possible during the European seminars.
In 2010 I gained more experience during the Reconnection seminars in Riccione, Hamburg, Budapest and Antwerp conducted by Eric Pearl himself and Doug De Vito. When The Reconnection does Holland, I always will be there to assist and to feel this wonderful energy during these weekends. So also in 2011, Amsterdam and Brugge(B) and it was an honour for me to drive Eric around in Amsterdam, even if it was to buy sneakers.

In my free time I assist at lectures and workshops organized by Bliz Events with speakers like Lynne McTaggart, Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza, Annemarie Postma, Gary Renard, Bruce Lipton and Caroline Myss. I was also a volunteer at Niburu (Awareness-building news) where I organized the events, presentations, office management and the agenda on the website.
I even had the honor and opportunity to interview Kiesha Crowter (Little Grandmother), an amazing experience.

Mid 2011 I became aware that before talking about and spreading consciousness, you have to be it! This means starting with “Healing Yourself” and as Gandhi said “Be the Change”, so one of the consequences was that I ended my regular work and relationship. Besides “Be the Change”, I want to add the statement from Keisha Crowter “Be Love”. I fully trusted on things that would come and within that perspective I was proceeding life without fear, fully trusting.
In October 2011 a physical angel (M.) came on my path, and she was helping me in my awareness-building process in all facets and aspects of life. After 5 months we said goodbye and I alone proceeded with my process and my life.
The purpose of life is “to be who you really are” and had full trust by allowing life.
At Purity Events I took the workshop “Metatronic Keys and the Law of Conscious Creation” from James Tyberonn (who is channeling Metatron!!) and had also the opportunity to physically contact and spiritually connect with Max (the 13th crystal skull), one of the two extraterrestrial ones.

In April 2012 our government in the Netherlands collapsed and after a few days of consideration, I decided to give myself completely to a national movement ‘fighting’ for a loving society disguised as a political party (SOPN). I was co-initiator in 2011 and now was the time to match my words with deeds. In 5 months we build a real ‘party’ and we conduct a real campaign.
I was board-member, spokesman and was no. 3 on the nomination for the parliamentary elections on the 12th September 2012. In despite of the fact that we didn’t get any seats in parliament, we looked back with pleasure on our achievement. The Netherlands didn’t have enough awareness yet to join us and build together a loving society.

Following the workshop “Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself” level I /II and III from Joe Dispenza end of September and November 2012 brought me a “New Me” and was an extraordinary practical extension on the philosophy of the Crimson Circle (New Energy, New Consciousness ; through Ascended Master (Adamus St. Germain)). A true Shaumbra.
I follow this affiliation some time and together with the work of my other inspirators (Lynne McTaggart, Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza en Bruce Lipton) from whom I had the honour to accompany all of them during their events in the Netherlands, where I was a member of the event organizing staff of Bliz Events, it paved the way of Life by Design – Quantum Creators (Consciously Creating your Own Reality).

It’s my life, I live it to the fullest and love to share the knowledge as wisdom with the world, as my contribution to the world, by radiating it, by being a standard, as an example of “Being the change”. Being a true Shaumbra.


I Am a Consciousness Pioneer
Best Job in the World

What do you do for a living? I know many Shaumbra* who are doctors and psychologists, healers and software programmers. Some work in a government job or teach at a university, while others are graphic designers or accounting managers. Quite a few Shaumbra are retired, and a surprising number of Shaumbra have their own business. (Full story Shaumbra in Dutch)
Whether you’re a construction worker or an architect, an engineer or physicist, this is not your real job. It’s a way to make a living, pay your bills and perhaps express your talents.
Your real job is a Consciousness Pioneer. It’s the best job in the world.

A Consciousness Pioneer is one who explores new realms of consciousness and awareness. Not many humans have this title; most are content with following their old karmic and destiny paths. They shudder at the very thought of exploring new levels of consciousness, if they even know what consciousness is. In fact most people are unconscious about consciousness.

A Consciousness Pioneer dives into new feelings, thoughts and emotions. At some point they go beyond thinking and emotion, deep into sensual awareness. They break out of Mass Consciousness limitations, going into the in-explainable and incomprehensible. They imagine the unimaginable and create new levels of consciousness.

The Consciousness Pioneers do this within and for themselves. They often think they are doing this for some internal resolution to their problems and issues but in reality they are doing it because of a deep desire for more, to go beyond, to experience something besides the old and mundane.
Although the Consciousness Pioneer does not do their job in order to save the world or to be spiritual social workers, their work has a profound impact on… everything.
They poke holes in the ceiling of Mass Consciousness so that others may eventually break free of their barriers. By exploring the Unknown and Un-created they set the standard for others who one day may choose their liberation.

Not just anyone can be a Consciousness Pioneer. It requires lifetimes of looking within, peeling away layer upon layer of old beliefs and wounds, accepting responsibility for your creations, not following gurus or using old sacred books as a crutch, and never taking yourself too seriously. A sense of humor is one of the main job requirements. A sense of compassion is also very high on the list. Compassion, as defined by Tobias, is “accepting all things as they are.” Adamus (St. Germain) would say it as “All is well in all of Creation.”

One of the most challenging requirements is discernment, especially the understanding that “It’s Not About Me.” Most Consciousness Pioneers check this box when applying for the job but really have no idea what it means until they are well into their consciousness career.
While being a Consciousness Pioneer is the best job in the world, it has it’s drawbacks. At times it’s a lonely job. There are monthly Shouds* and occasional live workshops but for the most part you’re on your own. It’s a “sole” job/journey, or perhaps “soul” job. You’ll have the strong tendency to take in nearly everything as your own, meaning that you’ll feel everything around you but assume it must be coming from within you. Sooner or later you’ll learn that the only thoughts or feelings that are yours are the one you are consciously choosing, but even the Ascended Masters had a hard time with this.
Those who are energy vampires need not apply. If you linger in the victim energy you’ll never break out of old patterns, energy feeding or lower levels of Mass Consciousness.

Caution: At times there will be an overwhelming tendency to think you’re going crazy. In a way you are, because you’re learning to go beyond the norms of the mind, linear reality and complacency. As a Consciousness Pioneer your mind will try to relate your new experiences to things from the past, but they simply won’t apply. After massive bouts with craziness and perhaps even depression you’ll finally learn to tell your old mind, “Shut Up!” And it eventually will, especially if you activate your sense of humor.

The pay doesn’t really matter for a Consciousness Pioneer. Research has shown that Consciousness Pioneers will actually PAY to be one rather than receive pay because the true rewards are at a level that simply cannot be measured in money. (Update: Consciousness Pioneers are now finding that they are worthy to receive more pay from their “make-a-living” jobs. Go figure.)

The ultimate frontier for a Consciousness Pioneer is freedom. It’s the realization of the I Am. It’s being free of illusions, relying on others, karma, distractions, limitations and the past. Once this freedom is realized and embodied, the Consciousness Pioneer adds a new line to their business card: FREE TO BE ME.
(Article from Geoffrey Hoppe, Shaumbra Monthly Magazine, July 2014)

September 2015 editie – Geert Vousten

De Reis van de Held

Mijn leven is het zeker, een reis, maar een creatieve held en voor wie? Voor mezelf en/of voor mijn levensgenoten? (mooi woord trouwens: ’levensgenoten’!). Een (creatieve) held voor mezelf? Alles begint met de liefde voor jezelf, de basis van alles en een hele stap voor mannen van mijn leeftijd, want zo zijn we niet opgevoed…
Ben ik een creatieve held? Nog niet zo gek lang. Ik zei jarenlang: ‘Ik ben niet zo creatief’. Ik vertel nu in mijn presentatie (‘Wonderen bestaan niet’) dat ik de eerste 43 jaar mijn rechterhersenhelft nog nooit gebruikt had. Een bepaalde kern van waarheid zat daar wel in. Ik was 100% ratio en analytisch-denken en nam zelfs cryptogrammen mee op alle vakanties om mijn ego/mind maar bezig te houden.
Nu is zelfs één van mijn stellingen: ‘Art will save the World’.


De keuzes voor mijn loopbaan in de jaren vóór mijn ontwaking waren vooral gestoeld op ego, aanzien en de jacht naar het grote geld. Vanaf mijn 15e wilde ik al straaljagerpiloot worden en toen die vlieger niet op ging, besloot ik om ze maar uit de lucht te halen. Na 6 jaar luitenant-raket-lanceerder gevolgd door 25 jaar IT project management als een keuze voor geld en het beroep van de toekomst (want een echte beroep had ik nooit geleerd) ging de boel definitief om en koos ik eindelijk voor mezelf om te worden wie ik werkelijk ben en dat terwijl mijn wake-up call al 5 jaar gaande was. En toch voelde ik, alhoewel het tot dan toe heel erg sluimerend was, in mijn gehele leven dat ‘iets’ anders was dan ‘normaal’…
In 2005 begon het met het ontdekken van intuïtieve vermogens. Ik wist wie er belde etc.. Verbaasd ging ik googlen naar ‘effectief’ en ‘intuïtie’ en kwam uiteindelijk bij mijn eerste boek ‘Een nieuwe werkelijkheid’ (Carolina Bont) en dat werd het… een nieuwe werkelijkheid.
Deze werd initieel ingevuld door Reiki bij mijn zus en de opleidingen ‘intuïtieve ontwikkeling’, ‘chakra-healing’ en ‘medische basiskennis’ bij instituut Mens & Intuïtie te Amersfoort en (Reconnective) Healing bij Eric Pearl’s The Reconnection.


Regelmatig mocht ik als vrijwilliger bij Bliz Events mijn huidige inspirators (Gregg Braden, Lynn McTaggart, Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza en Eric Pearl) begeleiden. Al deze personen inspireerden mij, verschenen op mijn pad op het juiste moment in mijn leven en boden mij de meeste puzzelstukjes in mijn queeste (in die dagen, waar ik nog steeds zoekende was en vooral verzamelde). Nu weet ik dat alles perfect was en is zoals het is in de ervaring op mijn reis in het bewustZijn van ZelfRealisatie/Bezieling, waar de fun pas echt begint.


Ik had het altijd al geweten. Er zou een moment komen waar ik definitief af zou slaan en van het geëigende pad zou afwijken. Maar het is de angst en het geloof in onze eigen limitaties die ons bijna altijd tegenhouden en ons laten kiezen voor de schijnbare veiligheid. Twee jaar twijfel (‘wat als ..’) in deze laatste jaren IT- projectmanagement (2009-2010) in een wereld waar ik me allang niet meer thuis voelde en met dank aan deze laatste opdracht bij een overheidsinstantie, bekend van de gekleurde envelop, waar de vibratie van energie zo’n beetje op zijn laagst is..


Er werd mij meer dan 4 jaar vrijheid geschonken zodat ik de reis naar binnen mocht maken en daarnaast de wetenschappelijke aspecten van creatie en bewustZijn mocht verzamelen, bestuderen en beLeven. De spirituele reis is nog géén 50 cm, van hoofd naar hart, maar het is onmogelijk om deze zonder omweg af te leggen. Je hebt de zoektocht nodig om tot het besef te komen dat alles al in je zit.
Die vier jaar waren de basis voor mijn websites (annex onderneming: Consciousness Pioneers) lifebydesign.nl (informatief) en consciousnesspioneers.nl / believe2C.com (projecten). Ondertussen nog een bijzondere ervaring (wat altijd groei betekent) doorgemaakt door een half jaar politiek en campagne te voeren voor de Tweede Kamerverkiezingen 2012 als hoofd organisatie, mede-initiator, mede-woordvoerder, kandidaat kamerlid(nr.3) en bestuurslid voor de liefdevolle partij SOPN. Deze ervaring bracht mij tot de conclusie dat alle verandering binnen de dualiteit waarin wij leven alleen maar van binnenuit kan komen. Zelf de verandering zijn vanuit een bewuste keuze naar een bewuste actie/creatie, wat jij wil zien in de wereld.


Ik zorgde voor minder afleidingen in mijn leven, die mij afhielden van wat ik echt belangrijk vond, door keuzes te maken m.b.t. werk, relatie, familie en tv en social media. Voor de meeste mensen is deze optelsom al 16 uur(!) Door deze focus en keuzes kon ik mijn onbewuste patronen doorzien en doorbreken en kwam in een (bijna) constant bewuste staat. Ik liet het leven toe en leefde in volledige overgave door de weerstand en het gevecht met mezelf op te geven. Mocht ik mezelf toch even tegenkomen dan bel ik mijn dochter Jamie (ook een heldin), die een soortgelijk pad beloopt, en zijn een paar woorden (lees: energie) al voldoende. En dat is wederzijds.
Dit had als gevolg dat alles wat ik tegenwoordig doe, ik met passie kan en wil doen. Het is houden van jezelf en compassie hebben met alles wat leeft. Ik heb in mijn studie begrepen dat het creatieproces volledig automatisch gaat en het mijn taak is om te focussen op “Wees wie je werkelijk bent”, want je creëert niet wat je wilt, maar wat je bent. BewustZIJN gaat over NU. Er is alleen maar het NU moment, er bestaat geen verleden en toekomst (…alleen in je hoofd). Verleden is spijt en schuld. Toekomst is twijfel, angst en zorgen. Leven vanuit bewustZIJN is leven vanuit het NU en maakt een einde aan het lijden van de mens, dus ook voor mij. En dat is toch het laatste wat ik/men wil, lijden.
Dit besef en beLeven vormde de basis voor “Be the Change” en ‘ConsciousCreation™ ‘ en de promotiecampagne ‘Believe2C… ‘ (voortbordurend op de very oldskool, maar erg populaire ‘Keep Calm..’ poster campagne). Ik heb inmiddels voor zakelijke promotie en marketing wel een Facebook groep en pagina maar hou me nog steeds vast aan of staande met 0 vrienden(!). (niet meer)


De wereld heeft voorbeelden nodig, geen gurus. ~ The world needs Standards more than anything else now ~. Zij die een lichtbaken zijn en potentieel voor anderen verlichten. Dat is mijn taak, mijn lessen via mijn eigen ervaringen te delen en anderen inspireren en laten zien wat mogelijk is. Daarom voel ik me een ware Consciousness Pioneer, iemand die verder gaat dan alleen het denken en de emoties en het plafond van het massa-bewustzijn doorbreekt, en voorop loopt op het pad van en in volledige overgave. Via Consciousness Pioneers wil ik, vanuit mijn passie, tonen hoe iemand zijn eigen soevereiniteit kan vinden door te kiezen voor échte vrijheid en zijn/haar pad kan belopen in natuurlijke verlichting met behoud van lichaam of om ‘gewoon’ een gemakkelijker leven te leven.
Voor mijzelf is er geen dualiteit meer; er is geen goed of slecht, slechts ervaringen. Mijn ziel wil ervaren. Het maakt niet uit. Alles is goed. Vanuit mijn innerlijk weten (‘knowingness’), voel ik om het leven intuïtief te leven. Te accepteren wat is. Het belangrijkste is mijn vrijheid, het hoogste goed.
Als je begrijpt, voelt wat echte vrijheid is.. dan kan niemand je dat meer afpakken.. je innerlijke vrijheid, je wijsheid en door dat besef kan je eigenwaarde ook niet meer stuk. Het leven is om geleefd te worden en niet om ergens te komen.
We go through great length for having it all, we don’t want to be left with nothing. But the cosmic joke is that when you choose for nothing, you will find the source of abundance.” – Suzanne Meijroos

Vervolg met… Mijn Reis